Spring of 2017

Brian Friel’s


The performances of IHT’s first six productions of Philadelphia Here I Come!A Night with LADY G, THE SHADOW OF A GUNMAN,  Juno and the Paycock, The Plough and the Stars, and Molly Sweeney delighted critics and audiences with the outstanding performances of many of Philadelphia’s best actors.

Don’t miss Making History!

THE CRITICS AGREE:  Under the astute and sensitive direction of Peggy Mecham (with dialogue and scene coaching by John Gallagher), the IHT’s skillful cast …brings depth and nuance to these flawed but irresistible, and consummately Irish, characters and their struggles, delivering the humor and humanity of their roles in convincing Irish accents.  …The lead actors are supported by a fully engaged ensemble, with not a weak link among them.   DEBRA  MILLER  


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